Shock Cord Buckles


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Our shock cord buckles are the easiest and strongest method for attaching shock cords.   They are designed for 1" tubular nylon, which has a 4000lb test strength.     Using these buckles, the cord can be attached without any sewing, gluing, or tying!  Cord installation and removal has never been any easier.  The buckles are available in either steel or aluminum.  The photo below on the left shows a cord laced through a buckle.  This could have been laced through a U-bolt, or left as is and fastened to the rocket via a quick link.  The photo in the middle demonstrates passing the cord through a U-Bolt for attachment.  The cord can be installed or removed in under 30 seconds.  The photo on the right shows how a quick link can be placed anywhere along the cord.  Parachute shroud lines can then be passed through the quick link.  This allows for a simple parachute attachment anywhere on the cord.


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