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Michael Varacins leading the pack at the Valvoline Run-offs in a Speed Sport AM-3.


Speed Sport Engineering has been building racing cars for over 20 years.  We have had great success in the past with building and preparing cars for GT and other closed wheel categories.  In recent years, we are perhaps best known for our Formula Vee chassis.  Our desire to build Formula Vee's started in the early 1990's, when drivers of larger size were complaining about not being able to fit in current cars.  We figured we could build a car that would accommodate larger drivers, but not sacrifice any performance in the process.   

It started by making cars modeled from existing chassis.  We added our own features, mainly for strength, larger cockpit openings, and serviceability.  This was a great success, and the first Speed Sport chassis were well accepted.  However, by the mid 90's, we had a list of ideas that could be compiled into one "super car".  That was the beginning of the Speed Sport AM-3.  The AM-3 was a new concept, taking everything we learned and started with a clean sheet of paper.  The entire purpose of this car was to simply build the best Formula Vee.  Some of the advantages of the Speed Sport AM-3 are:

All these features add up to a car that is the most advanced Formula Vee available today.  Anyone interested in learing more about this car should contact us at Speedsport@aol.com