Ejection Canisters


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Our ejection cans offer a simple solution to the common problem of holding ejection charges.  These are re-loadable, aluminum cans that have a thread on the outside diameter.   After a special fiberglass insert is installed into the rocket, these canisters can be simply threaded in and out.  They hold up to 5 grams of powder, although larger cans are available.  They were designed to be used with electric match ignitors, and come with reusable o-rings to prevent powder from slipping past the wire during high "g" launches.  They have a knurled grip on the outside for even easier installation, but they also have a screwdriver slot for use in hard to reach places.  Using our ejection canisters also makes loading charges safer, since the charge is always pointed away from you during loading.

To use these canisters, a fiberglass insert must first be installed in the rocket.   This insert requires a 1" hole cut into the desired mounting location.   1" hole saws are available at most hardware stores.  Of course, we can also supply bulk plates with 1" holes already drilled.  This includes bulk plates with multiple holes for redundant charges.

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This photo shows a single fiberglass insert installed into a 6" airframe.   In preparation for flight, a loaded ejection canister would first be threaded into place.  It would then be connected to the electronics bay, which is secured behind the canister.  Notice how easy it would be to install a second ejection can system next to the existing one for redundancy.